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Earth Wave is the leading company in chrome, nickel, copper, brass and gold plating restoration services. Decades have passed by, but we haven’t deviated from our path of providing the best possible product to our customers. We share your love and passion towards vintage cars, antiques, motorcycles, showpieces and their charm.
All our plating services are carried out according to the high standards that our clients demand. Throughout the procedure our professionals ensure that a customer receives the results they have been hoping for. The finish that the metals have once our skilled workers are done is beyond recognition! Give us a call today for information on our plating process or to get a quote on your restoration project.

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The need to take care of your vintage auto and motorcycle is real. If you want them to look and work like the way they used to when you bought it, then it is time to shake hands with Earth Wave Ltd. Every expectation you have regarding superior quality and top-class services will be met here.

Vintage Auto

Apart from repairing the shiny parts of vintage automobiles, we also work towards restoring the quality and value of the car.


The beauty and grace of a motorcycle can’t ever be underestimated. Earth Wave has been in business for a long time now and owns the knowledge required to restore chrome for your motorcycle.

Wheel Stripping

Car/ motorcycle wheels are subjected to both corrosion and rotting. Earth Wave uses methods to deal with such issues.

Custom Fabricated Parts

Our team has gained a reputation for replating custom parts for metal fabricators like tables or rails or signs built for homes or commercial properties.

Industrial Plating

Lots of industrial owners look for the plating services for various aesthetic and functional purposes on metal parts.

Chrome Plating

Our chrome plating service is useful for customers for repairing the damaged or worn surfaces of discontinued parts.

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In order to get more information on our plating services you need to get in touch with us. We share the same love and passion you do for your automobiles.